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EB122 A G3

EB122 A G3

Powered 12" 2-Way Bass-Reflex PA Speaker


  • Active 12" 2-way bass-reflex PA speaker.
  • 131 dB max. SPL and 500-watt RMS performance with a highly-efficient digital amplifier.
  • Perfect all-rounder for full-range, satellite and monitor applications.
  • Practical presets for fast and user-specific frequency tuning.
  • Homogeneous dispersion pattern thanks to a BEM-optimized tweeter wave guide.
  • 12" custom woofer and BMS tweeter driver.
  • Distortion-free sound at even maximum volumes, thanks to DynX DSP technology.
  • 2 line/mic input channels with individual gain controllers plus mono mix output.
  • 15 mm birch plywood housing with ultra-robust polyurea coating and M10 rigging points.
  • Shock-resistant front grille for optimal protection of the speaker.
  • 36 mm dual tilt stand attachment with 0° and 5° tilt angle.
  • Extensive and smart accessories for installation and transport.
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