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Q 3030i

Q 3030i

  • 3030i is designed to deliver bassy, hard-hitting yet beautifully poised sound from a compact, discreet cabinet
  • Featuring a 165mm (6.5 inches) mid/bass driver developed from the powerful 3050i floorstander, along with an optimised motor, 3030i has bass extension and control superior to that of any nominal rival
  • As with the rest of the 3000i range, the 3030i features magnetic grilles and an attractive chrome finish around each driver
  • You can buy the matching white or black 3030FSi floor stands to mount 3030i bookshelf speakers to turn them into floorstanding speakers



  • Amplified Power    25 - 75 W
  • Bass Unit    165 mm (6.5 in)
  • Crossover Frequency    2.4 kHz
  • Effective Volume    12.5 L (763 cu in)
  • Enclosure Type    2-way reflex
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