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Performance Subwoofer

Performance Subwoofer


- 99.999% Oxygen Free Copper conductorsOxygen free conductors will stand the test of time to       provide you with the QED experience for life.

- Quasi-balanced twisted pair geometry

 Brings superior noise immunity to unbalanced audio connections by using a twisted pair for the   signal  and return paths thus introducing a level of common mode noise rejection not present in   conventional cables.

- Precision engineered plug with integrated grip

  24k gold plated RCA connectors firm and low resistance connection. Gold is used because it will     not tarnish thus providing a long lasting low contact resistance connection

- Dual electro-static shielding

  Protects delicate signals against interference from external high voltages over long cable runs. The    shield should ideally be connected at the source end, hence the directionality arrows printed on     the cable jacket.

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