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Performance Audio Graphite

Performance Audio Graphite


- 99.999% Oxygen Free Copper conductorsProvide a low resistance pathway for the audio signal

- Low density polyethylene dielectric

   because of its low dielectric constant this material has been used to cut down on the

   amount of audio signal energy lost due to cable capacitance

- Ergonomically sculptured zinc plated alloy barrel

   Provides ease of installation and a stunning finish

- Quasi-balanced geometry

  Signal and return conductors are twisted together to give a level of common mode

  noise rejection above that of conventional unbalanced cables

- Electrostatic Screen

  Provides immunity from external high voltage noise signals. Only connected at the source     equipment end hence the directionality arrows on the cable jacket.

- 24k gold plated phono plugs 

  Because gold does not tarnish it provides a lasting low resistance contact

- 99.999% Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) conductors with LDPE dielectric

  Quasi-balanced twisted pair geometry

  Al/Mylar wrap provides 100% electrostatic shield structure

  OFC drain wire completes electrostatic screening

  24k Gold plated QED 6 leaf RCA plugs

  Capacitance: 115 pF/m

  Inductance: 0.74 μH/m

 Loop resistance: 0.160 Ω/m

 Dissipation Factor: 0.0012

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