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Mythos 3C-85

Mythos 3C-85

Mythos 3C-85

The Mythos 3C-85 ultra-slim, on-wall passive sound bar for 85” and larger-class TVs elevates your home theater experience with premium sound and designer aesthetics in an adjustable-width, weather-protected enclosure.


-Recommended Amplifier Power 80W

-Sensitivity 88dB (2.83V/1m)

-Nominal Impedance 4Ω (8Ω compatible)

-Frequency Response 100 Hz–25 kHz (-10dB) 120 Hz–20 kHz (-3dB)

-Number of Channels 3 (left,center, right)

-Woofer (8) 3.5 in. XTDD aluminum dome

-Midrange (2) 3.5 in. XTDD aluminum dome

-Tweeter (3) 1 in. aluminum oxide dome

-Grille Material Micro-perforated powder-coated steel

-Dimensions (H × D) 6.25 × 1.87 in. (159 × 48 mm)

-Adjustable Width (W) 72.8 × 79.5 in. (1849 × 2019 mm)

-Symmetrically Adjustable Extensions 6.25 in. (159 mm)

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