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Featuring a massive power supply and 140 watts of high current output from each of its five channels.

140 Watt x 5-Channel Power Amplifier

-From its sculptured front panel to its high quality loudspeaker binding-post s, the MM7055 five   channel power amplifier brings Marantz sound quality to virtually any music or home theater   system.  Using technologies originally developed for the exclusive Marantz Reference Series, this   flexible amplifier boasts many possible uses, all united by the singular quest for perfection that has   long distinguished Marantz.


-The MM7055 power amplifier produces 140 watts of high current output from each of its five   channels. This is “real world” power, too, measured across the full audio bandwidth (20 Hz – 20 kHz)   at 8 ohms with 0.08% Total Harmonic Distortion. Among other attributes, this means the MM7055   is  capable of longterm power delivery into low impedance speakers.


-The MM7055 includes input and output jacks for DC “trigger” pulses as well as RC-5 jacks for total   remote control convenience, even with legacy Marantz products.


-Rated power output  140 W/ch, 8 Ω Maximum effecƟve output power (from 1 kHz, two channels          driven): 170 W/ch, 6 Ω , 210 W/ch, 6 Ω

-Output bandwidth (8 Ω load, 0.09 %): 5 Hz – 40 kHz

-Frequency response (1 W, 8 Ω): 8 Hz – 100 kHz (±3 dB)

-Damping factor: 100

-Input sensiƟvity/impedance: 1.2 V / 22 kΩ (UNBALANCED) , 2.4 V / 30 kΩ (BALANCED)

-Signal-to-noise raƟo (IHF-A): 105 dB

-Voltage amplifi caƟon level: 29 dB

-Supply voltage: AC 230 V, 50 Hz

-Power consumpƟon: 660 W

-Standby power: 0.2 W

-Maximum external dimensions: 440 (W) x 183 (H) x 384 (D) mm

-Weight: 15.7 kg


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