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• Convenient tablet cradle

• Two combination XLR/1/4″ low noise mic preamps

• 3-band EQ on all channels

• Two channels of Peavey’s exclusive MidMorph® EQ

• EQ bypass per channel

• LED clip and signal present indication

• Two channels of direct out

• Stereo pan control per channel

• Channel 3/4 stereo 1/4″ or 3.5 mm input channel

• Channel 5/6 stereo 1/4″, RCA, or Bluetooth input channel

• Dual selectable control room outputs

• 1/4″ main stereo outputs

• High quality master LED meter bridge

• Built-in master compression

• Studio quality headphone output

• Equipped with Bluetooth wireless connectivity, Bluetooth 3.0 + EDR, A2DP

• Stereo USB-B streaming audio in and out, 16-bit, up to 48 kHz sample rates

• Built-in Digital Effects

• Peavey’s exclusive on-board Hi Z guitar input

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