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Performance Ethernet Graphite

Performance Ethernet Graphite


- 8/8 RJ45 gold plated connectors 

  Stranded 24AWG 99.999% OFC copper conductors and gold plated 8/8 RJ45 jack plugs

  to maintain low insertion loss figures throughout the life of the cable by minimising

  signal reflections and keeping contact resistances low

- CAT 6 UTP specification

  100? characteristic impedance

- High bandwidth

  Most ordinary patch cables are constructed to the Cat5e standard and are only specified

  for data rates up to 100MHz. The QED Performance Ethernet cable is an over-specified

  CAT6 UTP patch cable capable of data rates up to 250MHz - which gives it plenty of

  headroom when used in an HD Audio streamer application.


  up to 24bit/192kHz

- Asymmetric twist rates for reduced cross-talk

  A polyethylene former is used to physically separate each twisted pair into its own

  compartment within the cable keeping the geometry extremely uniform. This further

  contributes to the elimination of cross-talk within the cable and maintains the tight 100 ohm     characteristic impedance demanded by the Cat6 UTP standard.

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