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Performance Audio 40i

Performance Audio 40i


- Solid Complementary Conductor technology

  Beneath the PVC jacket, braided foil shield, ferrite jacket and foamed polyethylene

  dielectric are two solid, electrically isolated and oxygen-free copper conductors of different       diameters. Using two wholly separate conductors (one copper, one silver-plated) to carry

  the audio signal provides the most complete, least compromised route for audio information to       travel. The resulting sound enjoys greater scale and three-dimensionality than has

  been previously achievable from an interconnect of this price, and helps QED

  maintain both its reputation as an innovator and a class-leader.

- Ferrite jacket

The ferrite insulation delivers measurable improvements to both the amount of

 high-frequency signal noise rejected by the cable and the amount of relevant signal information   lost. The improved accuracy of high-frequency impulse transmission impacts positively

 on timing, and on dynamics both broad and low-level.

- Conductor type Solid Complementary

- Metallurgy 99.999% OFC & SPOFC

 - Conductor size 1 x 0.643 mm & 1 x 0.404 mm

- Combined conductor cross-section 0.45 mm²

- Dielectric Foamed Polyethylene

- Capacitance 57 pF/m

- Self-inductance 0.45 μH/m

- Loop resistance 0.050 Ω/m

- Dissipation factor @ 10kHz 0.00250

- Outer jacket Black Pearl PVC

- Nominal outside diameter 8.0 mm

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