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The PV 112 is a two-way speaker system based on a 12" heavy/duty woofer and a RX 14 titanium diaphragm dynamic compression driver mounted on a 60 by 40 degree coverage constant-directivity horn. The lightweight-yet-rugged, carpet-covered trapezoidal enclosure with stand-mount cup facilitates portable use for live music or speech sound reinforcement, as well as music playback. A full-length black power-coated steel grille provides driver protection. The PV 112 speaker system is rated at 400 watts program power handling, and the full crossover network includes high voltage film caps and dynamic tweeter protection for clear, punchy sound, and excellent long-term reliability. Two 1/4" phone jack input connectors make hook-up a breeze.

  • Steel mount cup
  • Heavy/duty full-length steel grille
  • T-nut speaker mounting
  • Rugged dado and rabbet construction
  • Steel corners
  • Steel handles
  • High quality, heavy/duty carpet covering
  • 60 by 40 degree coverage constant-directivity horn
  • Lightweight trapezoidal enclosure
  • Heavy duty crossover network for driver protection and EQ
  • 400 watts program/800 watts peak power handling
  • Dynamic tweeter protection
  • RX™ 14 titanium diaphragm compression driver
  • 12"
  • heavy/duty woofer
  • Two-way sound reinforcement enclosure
  • Packed Weight: 50.01 lb (22.68 kg)
  • Packed Length: 29.06" (73.81 cm)
  • Packed Width: 15.87" (40.31 cm)
  • Packed Height: 14.62" (37.13 cm)
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