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ซัฟวูฟเฟอร์ SP118BX

ซัฟวูฟเฟอร์ SP118BX


-Frequency Response: 49Hz to 300Hz (±3 dB)

-Usable Low Frequency Limit (-10 dB point): 34Hz

-Power Handling: 600 Watts continuous 1,200 Watts program 2,400 Watts peak

-Sound Pressure Level: 98.0 dB (2.83 V input)

-Maximum Sound Pressure Level (1 meter): 126.0 dB SPL continuous 132.0 dB SPL peak

-Radiation Angle Measured at -6 dB Point of Polar Response: Essentially omnidirectional

-Transducer Complement: one 18"

-Box Tuning Frequency: 38Hz

-Minimum Active Crossover Frequency and Slope for Bi-amping: 90Hz at 18 dB / octave High-pass     filter 35 to 40Hz at 12 to 24dB/octave is recommended

-Impedance (Z): Nominal: 8.0 Ω Minimum: 6.5 Ω

-Input Connections: one four-pin twist lock connector

-Two 1/4" jacks All inputs in parallel

-Enclosure Materials & Finish: hardwood panel coated with heavy-duty finish.

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