Music Instruments
PEAVEY: Bass Amplifiers
MiniMEGA™ 1000-Watt Lightweight Bass Head
Headliner™ 410 Bass Cabinet
Tour TKO 115 400W 1x15 Bass Combo Amp
PVH 410 Bass Cabinet
PVH™ 212 Bass Cabinet
Headliner™ The Peavey Headliner™ is a 600-watt bass amplifier head that puts an incredible range of features at players
Tour 700 Bass Amp Head
Tour™ 450 The Tour™ series features class A/B power amplifiers with exclusive DDT™ and patented SmartRail™ technologies.
Headliner 1000 The Peavey Headliner® 1000 features a 7-band graphic EQ
Headliner™ 410 The Headliner™ 410 is constructed using internal bracing, and is covered with road-worthy black carpet. Steel corners protect the cabinet from the rigors of the road.
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